Can I provide my own clothing?

You can absolutely provide your own clothing. We can not guarantee the longevity of the decoration. Although we try our best to minimize errors, rarely errors do happen. if you provide your own items, please plan for a minimal margin of error.

Provided items must clean. Clothing that has foul odor or that is unsanitary will not be accepted. 

We make our best effort to sell clothing from our suppliers at local prices. We are able to stand behind the quality products we sell with the longevity of the decoration applied. 

Can I pick up or drop off after hours?

We will do our best to work with you and your schedule. Please don‘t hesitate to ask for a special pickup or drop off time. We also have a doorbell right outside the office door. Feel free to ring it. Someone will be right with you.

We also have a weather resistant parcel bin for your convenience. The bin is available 24/7 and under video surveillance. Call for the code to access the bin.

When will my order be ready?

After final design approval and a payment arrangement made production can begin. We will need to order your clothing, set up your files for embroidery and/or screen printing, order special thread or ink colors, and produce your order. We like to ask for no more than 2 weeks. More often than not, orders are completed sooner. 

Need it quickly? Just ask. We strive to accommodate.

What file types do you need? - Embroidery

The highest quality JPEG works perfectly. Other file types; .ai, .pdf, .eps.

If you choose to provide your own digitized embroidery file (.dst) we will embroider a proof on a piece of backing for your approval. However, we can not guarantee how the final product will turn out. 

Our graphics digitizer sets up our files for our machines and preference on how we run them. 

We want to give you the highest quality final product. For that reason, we charge a minimal digitizing fee so we can stand behind the final end result. 

What file types do you need? - Screen Printing

.ai files are ideal files for screen printing. make Sure your provided graphic is the highest quality available. Facebook profile pictures or cell phone screen shots usually do not workout well with out our graphics professional optimizing the image. 

Feel free to email your logo or image to: and we can review it for printing.