Parsons Hometown Embroidery

Contract Services

Whether you currently offer embroidery services and are looking to increase production or whether you are looking to expand your business by offering embroidery services, look no further. The Snake River Embroidery Company is equipped and prepared to help you move forward.


Don't tell your customer you are “two weeks out” ever again! There is no need to tie up your multi-head system or cease production of large orders for a single-head job. Let us help keep your production running smoothly by sending us your design and fulfilling your single-head orders. You are essentially adding our machine without the cost of buying and maintaining a new one!


Embroidery: Our BROTHER 655e, 6 color machine, embroiders a maximum area of 12”x8” for flat material. Our cap frame offers an area of 5”x2.5”

Digitizing: Need a design quickly? We can have your design ready in 24-48 hours for an average price of $10 ea. Saving you time and money!


We are proud of the work we do. We strive for excellence in providing quality and professional services. Request a sample. Email us a file you're working on. We will sew it out on our machine to your satisfaction. The quality of our work will not disappoint. Give us a call and put us to the test!


Communication is key. We always have the phone and email close by. We make it easy for you to keep us up-to-date on the customers requests.
Time is money. We offer FREE delivery and drop off services. Keep your machines running while we help fulfill your smaller orders!


We maintain a stock of threads, backing, and needles for any project. We are well prepared to keep your production moving forward.
If your customer has a preference for supplies you have in stock, send those with us. We will use those for the order and without worry, your supplies will be returned!


Pricing for a fair “win-win” situation is our goal. Let us work out a price for each individual project or set a pricing scale. Pay by the hour, by the stitch, or by the job. We can invoice per order, or per month. We are completely flexible and hassle free!


Even though the Snake River Embroidery Company offers retail embroidery services, we will never interfere with your customer relationship.

WE PROMISE never to initiate contact with your customers and clients. Your customers are your business.

THE QUALITY of our work will never be less than your satisfaction and will reflect well on your company. We stand behind our work and guarantee it 100%.

YOUR DIGITIZED files are considered your property. They are kept secure and private. We promise to never use them without your consent.

Contact us to learn more!